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People know me as the “Kettlebell Guy.”

What I love about the kettlebell, is that it is a “carry around” gym. It is a simple and indestructible tool that, if used properly, can transform someone’s life for the better.
Above and beyond everything, I teach Movement based principles that revolve around QUALITY, SIMPLICITY and PURPOSE. The idea is to move well, be strong and resilient for the rest of your life. In order to become stronger, we must always assess ourselves and continue to work on our weaknesses.


My “Rite of Passage”

Coming from a broken home and an alcoholic father, dealing drugs while in high school was my way of coping with life. My lifestyle spiraled out of control until it landed me in jail.

While in prison I discovered a part of me that I never knew existed: my strength. Becoming self-reliant, stronger and resilient was instrumental in my ability to survive the harsh environment.

With an abundance of free time, I dedicated myself to strength training, and learning the best methods to become stronger. It gave me a new purpose and became the perfect meditation. I could transport myself to a different place far beyond the barbed wires, focusing on my mind and body.

I came across a book called Power to the People, by Pavel Tsatsouline. Pavel’s teachings changed my entire approach to training. Although his program focused on only two exercises, the depth of detail on the techniques and principles made it like no other. His methods gave me instant results that converted directly into strength. I became one of his most loyal followers. I ordered most of his books and learned about bodyweight and kettlebell training from the master.

Because of my circumstances, weights weren’t always available, so I had to make the most out of what I had. Through calisthenics, I was able to strengthen my body without having to rely on any equipment. This gave me ultimate independence: My body was a tool and I could train for strength wherever I went without having to rely on external weights.

About six months before my release, the Rec Supervisor at the facility ordered two pairs of kettlebells. No one knew how to use them, besides me. Well, sort of. This was my first exposure to kettlebells. This awkward and unusual weight felt “heavy” compared to the more traditional dumbbell. Little did I know then about the power of the kettlebell…


Our Story: The Evolution of Kettlebell Club


Founded in 2018 - A Journey from Boutique Gym to Online Store

Discover how Kettlebell Club, originally a boutique gym in Montreal, transformed during the COVID closure into an online haven for fitness enthusiasts. Learn about our transition and how we helped our community continue their training seamlessly at home with our premium kettlebells.


Meet the Team: The Heart of Kettlebell Club


Louka Kurcer - Teacher of Strength and Visionary Leader

Get to know Louka Kurcer, the passionate owner of Kettlebell Club. Dive into his philosophy of strength as a life solution, his minimalist yet effective training methods, and his journey in fitness and art. Understand what drives the spirit of our club through Louka's unique perspective.


Our Core Values: The Pillars of Kettlebell Club


Uncompromising Quality, Flexibility in Training, and Empowering Education


Uncompromising Quality: Explore our commitment to excellence and how our kettlebells symbolize durability, functionality, and longevity.

Train Anywhere, Anytime: Understand our belief in flexibility and convenience in fitness, making wellness achievable no matter your schedule or location.

Empowering Education: Delve into our dedication to being more than a store - a resource for your fitness education journey.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Learn about our promise to you - a commitment to your satisfaction and an unparalleled shopping experience.